What You Need To Know About Cyber Attacks and Your Business

The criminal minds have brought their criminal tendencies to cyberspace. With the advent of technology have come a number of criminal-related problems over the internet. The cyber world has no specific laws attached and is basically a no man’s land. Unfortunately, it has also turned into a number of criminal minds’ playfield. Today, a cyber criminal can make use of an IP booter to cause havoc over the internet if he/she so wishes and unfortunately, this can have negative effects on your business.

In order to have a better understanding of just how serious digital attacks are, take a look at the list of countries on the Digital Attack Map. So many countries are faced with so many cyber activities that are highly unusual. For example as of the time of writing this country, countries included in the map with high cyber activity that is unusual include Pakistan, the UK, Saudi Peninsula, Chile and the Philippines. These could be possible denial of service attacks also known as DDoS attack.

Much as DDoS attacks don’t result in the actual theft of anything, they can be very distractive! You find that normal day-to-day activities on a particular website are crippled or come to a stand-still when faced with such attacks. The disruption comes about when a program takes over a number of devices and proceeds to send a huge number of data packets to the server or servers of the target website. Such programs are known as stressers or IP booters. It is relatively easy to come across such programs and some of these DDoS programs can even be hired.

Since it is relatively easy to come by such program, curbing cyber crimes can be a menace since finding the actual perpetrator can be equated to finding a needle in a haystack. An IP booter or IP stresser works in such a way that legitimate users are denied access to the target website by sending a ton of data requests to the website’s server by use of netbots.

Think of booters or stressers as the door that either permits or keeps out visitors to a given site, with the main focus being in keeping out visitors in this case. Nothing is stolen in the process however; so much chaos is created since so many people are unable to gain access to a given website. Imagine if the target website is a commercial website that depends on visitors to survive since they come to purchase given products or services. In case denial of service attacks is made on such a website then you can only imagine the amount of lose the website’s owner(s) will be forced to deal with!

With a clear understanding of how a denial of service attacks works and how it can potentially affect a website, it is no wonder that many relate it to a form of bullying. Initiating such an attack on a given website can as such be looked at as a form of cyber crime since it results in the disruption of the website’s activities.

How to Successfully Market Your Business Online

Marketing your business goes beyond creating interesting listings on Craigslist. It touches on finding the right clients and marketing to them. A look at some of the ways to successfully market your business online.

Find your target audience

businessmarketingWith any business, you can still narrow down to a niche that taps into a target market. Once you find that market, you can then develop marketing strategies that speak to them. The worst you can do is to try and make your marketing campaign cover everyone. You will soon get overwhelmed and your potential clients will either be left confused or disgusted. Therefore, you need to research and find a target market for your business. Having a clear understanding of your customer can help you come up with great marketing strategies that benefit both you and your potential client base.

Create a blog

Rich content over the internet keeps many users coming back for more.

By creating a blog, you provide potential clients with a place to begin dialog, share ideas and find useful information. A blog is also a great place to provide users with tips and advice, key company updates, local market news and highlight lease transactions among others. By creating rich, engaging content, you are able to demonstrate your knowledge in the field thereby positioning yourself as an authority.

As you go about populating your blog with content, you need to bear in mind the following:

  • Come up with attention-grabbing titles
  • Include good quality photos
  • Limit the content to your target audience’s needs and interests
  • Where need be include infographics, graphs and videos

Write interesting descriptions

You need to come up with great ways to showcase your products online. Go for descriptions that capture the buyer’s emotions and work through creating an interesting picture that sells the story of the product your selling.

Create captivating videos

Besides creating a blog and filing it with words and images, you can also make use of captivating videos to catch potential clients’ attention. Go for insightful or funny clips to deliver your message across. Interesting videos tend to get shared thus increasing your business’ exposure.

Come up with a marketing plan and keep tabs on it

Once you know who your target audient is, you are able to come up with the most ideal marketing strategy. You might need to try a few marketing strategies before finding one that works best for your business. Whether you choose to go with direct email, newsletters or website content, you need to keep tabs on your chosen strategy to find out whether or not it is working.

In order to find out if a strategy is successful or not, you need to look into things such as:

  • The website traffic-whether or not it increased
  • Whether or not more people are sharing and taking about your brand or company on social media
  • Whether or not there is a noticeable increase in the number of homes you close

Tips to Help You Effectively Write a Successful Resume

This is a guest post by Timothy from Advance Yourself, which is an Australian professional resume writing service. As strong resume is a great asset for your career. Below, he’ll share some tips which will help you build your resume. 

A well-written could make or break your first attempt to land that dream job. This is why if you’re a freshly graduated student you try your hardest to come up with an impressive resume. If you’re looking for another job because you’re not happy with your current, you’ll also ensure that the resume you’ll submit to your next target employer is more impressive than the previous one. Thus, you’d research for tips that will help you to effectively write a successful resume. Here, we’ll discuss top tips that won’t just make your resume look good. We’ll also make sure that it will you to successfully get the job.writing_a_resume

Know About the Company

Your credentials wouldn’t have any bearing if you don’t know the company. So, you need to research about the company’s background, what does it do and offer, what are its goals, mission and vision, and other important information that you’ll have to live and deal with when you’re already in the company. If you were called for the interview phase, letting the employer know that you know a lot about the company is plus points.

Choose a Job That You Really Love

Many employees or job seekers often leave their job because they don’t feel happy for various reasons such as low pay, unsociable working environment, uninteresting tasks, and others. So, before you even get competitive about getting a particular job, you need to determine first whether the vacant position you’re looking at on job postings is something you’d really put your heart and dedication on. Otherwise, you’ll just leave the job sooner or later, which is a waste of time, effort, money and better future.

You should put yourself in the shoes of the employer. If you’re the employer, and you see that an applicant doesn’t have any goals for himself and for the company if he’s already accepted, then you can’t expect that the applicant will give his best and will be passionate about fulfilling the objectives of the business. This is one crucial key point when you are writing your resume. It will only be successful if your overall perspective is to see yourself with the job and company for many years. This is something that the employer will really value.

Be Straight to the Point

If you’ve clear yourself about the pointers in the tips above, then you can proceed with making your resume stand out from the rest. To achieve this, be straight to the point. Don’t use flowery words or long phrases that will only make your resume longer. Remember that it is not a curriculum vitae. So, you may consider to start your resume with the summary in highly condensed form of your attributes, professional background and skills. You need to be specific and must be aware and ensure that the information you’re outlining are easily digestible. The employer would easily understand it of what you’ve written are all fitting to the position you’re applying for. The employer will get instantly focused to your resume if you’re summary is effectively written.

Never Forget the Small Details

When you write your resume you also include a cover letter where small details such as email address, phone number, name, and mailing address are included. Don’t forget to include these in your resume, too. Know that there may be other applicants who are vying for the job. So, the employer or his staff may misplace the cover letter. When this happens, the employer might not be able to contact you if the company considers you.

You’d significantly increase of getting that job if you take to heart and follow these tips.

Asset study is revealing barriers to financial empowerment

Burst for Prosperity Stories – Building Financial Assets Study

“…we are taking an in-depth look at the role that the financial capabilities of both service providers and their clients play in long-term asset development.”

Financial Assets are the building blocks of economic security. In order to build assets, it is crucial to possess the knowledge and skills to make healthy financial choices. Numerous studies have revealed the critical importance of financial assets for long-term economic security. However, a gap in social science research persists. We still know very little about what most effectively helps people assemble those critical “building blocks” in order to move out of poverty permanently.

Burst for Prosperity’s Building Financial Assets Study seeks to address this critical knowledge gap and develop a proven practice tool for social service agencies to help their clients build financial assets. To do this we are taking an in-depth look at the role that the financial capabilities of both services providers and their clients play in long-term asset development.

Early results from our study indicate the presence of system-wide barriers to the integration of financial empowerment strategies in service delivery systems.

In the first phase of the study, Burst for Prosperity conducted a baseline assessment of 300 social service providers in Washington regarding their financial literacy and capabilities as well as their feelings about their ability to provide financial counseling to their clients. The findings point to significant barriers to asset development related to the financial capabilities of service providers.

While service providers reported high self-perceptions of their financial capabilities, they have similar to lower levels of financial knowledge pertaining to credit, savings, debt literacy and other financial matters than the general population.The baseline investigation found that:

• Nearly 1 in 3 service providers don’t use a personal budget or track their expenses
• 1 in 4 providers don’t have emergency funds, long term savings goals and do not save and invest regularly.
• 2 in 5 do not feel equipped to provide financial counseling nor do they know where to refer clients for additional help.

Other barriers relate to agency systems, policy and operations. For more information about the study, read the Building Financial Asset Study Fact Sheet.

What you need to know before starting a photo booth business

The photo booth business is being seen by many as a possibly lucrative business. This is because quite a number of people are looking to rent a photo booth for various reasons in order to make their event or function even more special. As such, you might be thinking of joining the photo booth business. Before you jump into the bandwagon however, there are a number of things you need to be aware of. You need to pay close attention to things such as the type of photo booths you will be operating, the equipment you will be using and how much you should reasonably charge if you wish to retain customers.

Let’s break down some of the things you need to consider for successfully starting a photo booth business:

Type of photo booth

As you check out the different types of photo booths, pay close attention to the material used, how easy or difficult it is to set up, storage space and the size. All these will have a huge impact on the price you can comfortably charge for them.


Finding the right software will break or make your photo booth business. Depending on the monitor or screen you will be using on your photo booth, you will need to find the most appropriate software. The right software helps ensure a seamless camera to printer photo transition. In the photo booth business, speed and reliability of the printer plays a huge role on how your customers will recommend or re-use your services.


Photo props and backdrops

In order to add a touch of uniqueness to the photo being taken, props and backdrops come in handy. Different events may call for different props or backdrops to be used. As such, you might need to look into the cost of having and maintaining said props or backdrops.


Setting the most appropriate price for a photo booth rental may not be an easy task but it needs to be done. You need to be able to make a profit while at the same time not scaring off potential clients with the price you set. As you try to set the price, research on market prices and then factor in the cost to supply or transport the booth and equipment. An hourly rate should be a good start up for helping you turn a profit as you cover the equipment expenditure.


Now that you know the kind of booth you will be investing in, the type of equipment or software you will be purchasing and the amount of money you will be charging, it is now time to advertise or market your services. You can advertise your services through a number of outlets such as newspapers, social media and through word-of-mouth. Having the right marketing in place should help you find the right volume of clients your business needs to prosper.

The above are the basic considerations you should take if you wish to run a successful photo booth business.

5 SEO Strategies To Help Your Business Prosper Online

As a small business, it’s very important to have SEO done on your website to help you take your business to the next level as quick as possible. If you’re a local business, one of the biggest ranking factors is ensuring Google is well aware of where you business is located. However, doing this, along with the overall process of local SEO can be quite complex. So below, you’ll find some tips which are highly recommended by Thunder Rank. If you follow these steps, they can help your business prosper and move to the next level online.

  1. Set Up A Google My Business Page

    The very first step to local SEO is setting up a business page with Google. Once you have it setup, you should optimize it by adding relevant content, links, and pictures related to your business on the page. During the setup process for your business page, you’ll have a progress bar as shown in the picture below which will show you how complete your profile is. Ideally, you want your profile to be 100% complete before moving on to the next step. business-page

  2. Create Accurate Business Citations

    Business citations are simply business listings across the web which contain the NAP (Name, Address, Phone) for your business. It’s extreamly important that these are very precise across the web. For example, if you’re going to list your business as being at “123 Something Street”, ensure that you use that exact format across the web. Inconsistencies such as having listings such as “123 Something ST” or “123 Something Str” won’t have as much as an impact in comparison to consistent listings across the web. Some great sites to build local citations on are Yelp, YellowPages, HomeStars and more.

  3. Get Reviews

    A business that gets plenty of reviews is not only going to appear to be much more relevant to potential clients searching for you on the web, but to Google as well. Tom from SEO Ottawa suggest that as a new business, try to get as many real reviews for your business. Go out there and ask existent clients, friends, and family members to say a few nice words about your business on your Google Business page. Also, having 5 orange stars under you business’s name in Google will definitely attract more attention than if it didn’t.

  4. Outreach

    This is perhaps the hardest part of all. However, it’s definitely worth it. Reach out to organizations in your area such as the local Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade. Many of these local organizations will have a membership fee, but they will also provide a link to your site on theirs. This shows Google that your site is not only locally relevant but also associated with highly trusted organizations. This is adds trust to your overall website.

  5. Website Optimization

    Last but not least, you need to ensure that you properly optimize your website to appear in the local searches. Make sure that contact information is clearly visible on your website and ensure that it’s all consistent and listed correctly as stated in step 2. Also, it’s a good idea to try to include some of the local keywords you’re trying to rank for in your headers and title tags for your webpage.

Hopefully you find this tips helpful. They won’t take you very long to implement and if you follow each one, you are sure to see improvements in your search rankings over the next few weeks.